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I can undertake editing or proofreading of a wide variety of media, including books, magazines, journals, catalogues, company literature, promotional materials, theses and websites. My areas of specialist knowledge are the oil and gas industry, management/quality management, hazardous chemicals, health and safety, geology, remote sensing and angling.


I can work with Microsoft Word (all versions up to Word 2010), Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign or the traditional way on paper.


I am an Ordinary member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.


I specialise in the editing of scientific journal papers for non-native English speaking authors. To date I have edited more than 300 papers for journals such as IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Journal of Maps, International Journal of Digital Earth, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, IEEE JSTARS, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Landscape and Urban Planning and many others.


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Editing of scientific journal papers for Wuhan University, China (300+ papers to date)

Copy-editing of Basin Analysis, Third Edition by Allen & Allen (Wiley-Blackwell) for Toppan Best-set Premedia Limited

Copy-editing of Mammoth Pike Update ebook for Portfolio Collection Limited

Website editing for Decision Support in Medicine (US)

Copy-editing of Introductory Econometrics, and Data Mining Methods for the Content Analyst (Routledge) for RefineCatch Ltd

Copy-editing for Integra, India (Taylor and Francis, and Elsevier)

Copy-editing of Zombie Science 1Z, Time-Tastical Productions

Copy-editing of the CO2 Aquifer Storage Site Evaluation and Monitoring Project (CASSEM) led by Scottish Power and the British Geological Survey

Editing and rewriting of a series of oil and gas industry reports for Dietswell Engineering, France (March 2009 to May 2010)
On-screen editing of a technical report for Dietswell Engineering, France (June 2008)
Mega Pike The Return by Jason Davis and Eddie Turner (published by Aitch 2 Limited in 2007)


Mega Pike The Return




Proofreading of EsoxWorld online magazine for Portfolio Collection Limited

Proofreading of Mammoth Pike Update ebook for Portfolio Collection Limited

Proofreading of Qatar Airways Oryx magazine for Agency Fish

Proofreading of the CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection for ILM Publications

Proofreading of online course materials for Edinburgh Business School.

Proofreading of a glossary for an oil and gas directory produced by Editions, Edinburgh (2008).
Proofreading of the College prospectus for Cardonald College, Glasgow (2008 and 2009).



Features Editor Pikelines magazine 2003–2005.


Pikelines cover


My background prior to starting work in editing was in management, both quality and operations management and before that in the oil and gas industry. As a quality manager for a West Yorkshire manufacturing company I was fully responsible for designing, documenting and auditing a quality management system that subsequently gained accreditation to ISO 9001:2000.


Published work

I have had articles on pike angling published in EsoxWorld, Pikelines, Angling Times, and Pike and Predators in the UK, Esox Angler in the US, and also online at www.fishing.co.uk



Contributor to Neville Fickling’s Everything You Need to Know About Pike Fishing.


Everything You Need to Know About Pike Fishing


Contributor to Steve Rogowski’s Pike Fishing in the UK and Ireland.


Pike Fishing in the UK and Ireland



"I'm collating proof corrections at the moment and wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all your hard work on this book. The text is amazingly clean with very few corrections." Ruth Swan, Toppan Best-set.


"It is with great pleasure that we recommend the services provided by Wordrite and Mark Ackerley. We have used the services of Wordrite for several technical projects related to drilling operations and rig design services. We won’t hesitate in the future to entrust Wordrite with additional work. Mark Ackerley has always displayed a high degree of involvement in his tasks and brought more than a common technical writer service to the project team. Mark has a very good knowledge of technical vocabulary and extensive experience in the reviewing and editing of technical documents. Mark is also very reliable with respect to delivery times. We highly appreciate the services rendered by Wordrite and we highly recommend Mark for your future needs." Jerome Alric, D. General Manager, Dietswell Engineering, France.


“I have just been going through your comments and must congratulate you on a very, very thorough job. Well done, you have obviously got one hell of a lot more patience than I have.” Phil Wakeford – President of the Pike Anglers' Club of Great Britain.


“Mark’s assistance on the proofreading front with the production of the book proved invaluable to be honest. His contribution significantly helped in weeding out those final few errors, and lifted the final product at least a couple of percent in terms of accuracy and continuity. Both Eddie and I were very grateful for his assistance, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services for work in this field.” Jason Davis.


“I personally feel this is one of the most inspirational stories I have ever read.” Neville Fickling on Mark Ackerley's contribution to Everything You Need to Know About Pike Fishing.


“All the chapters have something important, informative and interesting to say and some are particularly exciting, such as Bill Palmer's on fishing in the south-east of England and Mark Ackerley's on Ireland.” Dr Barrie Rickards in his foreword to Pike Fishing in the UK and Ireland.


“The best piece of writing on the sport I have ever read is Mark Ackerley's piece in Everything You Need to Know About Pike Fishing. If the enthusiasm is ever waning a little, a quick flick through that and I'm raring to go again.” Julian Chidgey interview in Pikelines magazine.



Copy-Editing by Distance Learning – The Publishing Training Centre (Merit)

Basic Proofreading by Distance Learning – The Publishing Training Centre (Merit)

Certificate in Operations Management (Distinction)

Certificate in Supervisory Management

Drilling Supervisor's Certificate (HSE)

Drilling Supervisor's Certificate in Subsea Well Control

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)

BSc Hons degree in Geology



I am a lifelong angler specialising in carp and pike fishing and have caught over one hundred pike of twenty-pounds plus and ten of thirty-pounds plus. My personal best pike weighed 37lb 4oz and came from Blithfield reservoir in 2002. In recent seasons I have concentrated on carp angling and have caught mirrors to 34lb and commons to 32lb 2oz, both from my native Yorkshire.


In 2005 I was made an honorary life member of the Pike Anglers' Club of Great Britain.


I enjoy foreign travel and have travelled extensively in Europe, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad, India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia.


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